If programming is your passion, cheers people! Programming is an evergreen field, with something new always coming up to keep programmers on their toes”. So what’s in store for 2021? Let’s have a look at the most popular programming languages you should get a hold on in 2021!


“Java was, is and will forever be in vogue!” says Max Zimmer

Before you even think of learning any other programming language, you must get be well versed with Java. Almost 90% of the Fortune 500 companies are currently making use of Java for back-end development purposes. And more importantly, you have a higher chance of getting hired- owing to your knowledge of Java. Also, it can help you manage progressive jobs like IT support.

One of the fastest growing programming languages, Python is all set to take over most of the programming languages in a couple of years – which means your proficiency in Python is going to be the most wanted skill in the years to come. So don’t let this opportunity slip by and use all this time to sharpen your Python skills.


C++ manages to give jitters to even the best of the programmers – which of course is because of its complicated nature. But a remarkable fact that cannot be ignored is that C++ is widely used for a host of purposes which include application software to game development. And it’s complexity makes it even harder to find programmers specializing in C++. Make use of this opportunity!

This programming language has derived its name from the musical note C# ( pronounced as C Sharp) and has been popular since it’s inception. It did see a downside later this year but is expected to gain pace soon. So continue honing your C# skills till it gets back with a bang again!

Simplicity is the key in this programming language. It took a while for Ruby to establish itself, but no sooner, it’s well ahead in the race. There has been a pronounced spike in the number of hired programmers with specialization in Ruby. So yes, Ruby’s still well in the game!


A scripting language, PHP rose higher in the rankings for best software programming languages. It has been very effectively used to keep up with the drawbacks of HTML and has quite a demand in the programming market too.

R is still lagging in the rankings but is expected to catch up soon – so those equipped with the R programming language skills, your time is coming!


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